Website WordPress Theme Work is Going!

It’s been a bit of a slow going – especially with my injured left foot (you can read about it in the Personal posts) – but it’s going!

Specifically, I have been working on a custom portfolio template to integrate into my/this WordPress theme.

Ideally, besides having a clean and simple layout, I want my portfolio to be easy-access and easy-to-browse… with easy-to-browse meaning easy to return to browsing other parts of my portfolio.

Also, I am aiming to do this without adding in a bunch of extra pages or files or code while making the content within as easy to update as possible.

So far, I have set up a working styled wireframe of what I am considering for the layout and what’s next is conclusively tackling the issue of accessibility and user friendliness.

Hopefully, that will be coming up soon in a near future update so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for following along,

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