Getting Some Work Done… or Not

Good news first: The Boy Who Loved a Dragon is approximately 90-95% done in terms of the manuscript.

Year 12 needs to be completed, Year 15 is under heavy revision, Year 16 needs to be completed, the rest of the Years are 95% done if not 100% done, and all-around plot-tightening and transition-smoothing needs to be finished.

It’s slow in going, but it’s getting there and Sefyrion the Editor has become the ‘Fixer’ and the word, according to him, is ‘things will get done’.

In regards to the illustrations, Ian has been busy at work and has made some awesome progress in that regard.

So that’s the good news.

Then there’s the – well, not-so-good news.

With The Boy Who Loved a Dragon being at around 90-95% done in terms of the manuscript roundabouts early March and with my foot finally being able to stand an hour or so of non-elevated sitting without giving me too much trouble, I thought I could make it a goal to crank in some additional time and push the number to 100% pre-edit for April.

It… kind of worked… and then kind of didn’t.

After doing a bunch of minor edits – plot tightening, plothole closing, smoothing out transitions, adding and subtracting dialogue, etc – my creative energy started fizzling and petering out and to be honest, it’s been something of a challenge to get it back.

Before I took the injury to my foot, I was going pretty strong in regards to getting in a consistent amount of writing time on a fairly regular basis and even if I had my ‘off’ days, I would be able to pick it back up fairly quickly.

Then the injury happened and… everything kind of went downhill after that.

The injury quickly became my priority shortly after the injury took place as it was near-impossible to do anything besides keep my leg up in the air and I had to learn to just let things go and just rest to let my foot heal.

Yeah, yeah, no problem, I thought. Give it a month or two and everything would be good as new, right?

WRONG. Geez, but I was so wrong.

Weeks became months as my injury revealed itself as a fracture and further revealed itself to be – for reasons still unknown – delayed in healing and fast forward to APE and with it came a huge, mandatory, and VERY PAINFUL push to get stuff done – a Sampler Booklet featuring Year 7, bookplates, bookmarks, and everything related to tabling at a convention.

The good news is: I got a lot of stuff done – for example, doing the layouts and lettering for all of the pages in the Sampler Booklet and products – and we managed to attend APE.

The bad news is: I overdid it and ended up aggravating my foot – at this point 8 weeks/2 months into the injury – and so badly so I was popping narcotics and Lyrica every chance I could and using anything and everything to elevate my foot.

Fast forward to Christmas and I was still in mostly the same position I was in during APE. I could sit for about 30 minutes to an hour without horrible aggravation, but still couldn’t be mobile and still couldn’t be without my crutches. Though I was able to go back to work in a light-duty status, I made nearly zero progress with anything else – including any and all work on my personal and studio projects.

Fast forward to January and with minimal progress being made in terms of my foot feeling better, we did another MRI which revealed continued delayed and then halted healing and a worsening of the fracture and come February, my light-duty stopped and I went back on temporary disability.

Come March and with cabin fever really getting to the best of me along with the fact that I was making at least SOME progress with my foot, I concluded that I really ought to try and make hay while the sun shines and so decided to make a push to finish the manuscript…

And… well.

Maybe it’s just the accumulated stress of the last six months that’s talking, but I feel wiped out in a resigned sort of fashion and more importantly and as it relates to my creative work, uninspired.

Even worse, it shows.

That said, I’m still trying and I’m still working, just…

It’s just not as I would like it to be is all, I guess.

But as Sefyrion would tell me, you just do what you can and keep trying and so that is what I am doing.

Aith, over and out.

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