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8TH4N's Atelier at IMVU

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More than just a design studio and fashion and branding label, 8TH4N’s Atelier at IMVU is also the realization of a vision that saw its birth during my early first years at IMVU – the vision of a uniquely immersive and cohesive virtual shopping experience that utilizes and integrates both IMVU and real world communication platforms.

From Homepages, Product Pages, and Chat Rooms powered by IMVU’s website and chat client to external websites and social media channels, 8TH4N’s Atelier seeks to connect it all together to create a virtual shopping experience unlike any other.

Though it is currently in its beginning stages, much of the foundation – including preliminary Homepage and Product Page designs – has already been laid out while the virtual catalog is slowly being filled with a variety of 3D virtual products.

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