Coming Home

Accidentally Left Behind and now caught in the World of the Lost, Fuzzy is an exotic-looking, purple, and plush stuffed cat backpack who is on a mission to Return Home to his Rightful Owner, Human One, and Best Friend before Time Runs Out and he’s stuck in the World of the Lost… for good.

It’s a Race Against the Clock as he embarks on his journey home and along the way, he will meet both friend and foe who will either lend a helping hand or try to trip him up.

Does he have the courage to prevail? Can he keep his wits about him in this strange world? Will he be able to overcome all the larger-than-life obstacles that stand in his way? And, most importantly, will he be able to Return Home and On Time?

Story Outline and Formatting

Coming Home is a cross-media project-in-progress which will eventually include both an illustrated mini novella and a graphically-driven interactive storybook application/game featuring a prominent choose-your-own-adventure component.

The novella is told in third person and is divided into chapters with each chapter designating a change in scenery. Reader-driven options direct the pacing of the story as well as some of the actions and consequences. As such, if a reader chooses different options across multiple readings, the end result may very well vary according to these choices.

The interactive storybook application/game is to follow a set-up similar to that of the novella except the experience is further enriched by the graphical interface and added interactive features such as the ability to perform actions to help the main character, collect other lost items found along the way, and buy refreshments. The fact that different choices equate to different routes and therefore different scenarios and stories helps to keep the game ‘fresh’ even after multiple replays and the added interactivity of being able to actively help the main character in the journey while collecting and redeeming collections for unlockables encourages replay.

Story and Art Samples – Mini Novella

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Story and Art Samples – Application

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