Still Off My Feet

So on August 22nd, I took an injury at work.

I got my left foot caught under a heavy all-metal fixture and unable to get my foot free in time, I pitched forward and slammed my face against a nearby desk before falling to my hands and knees with my foot still caught.

At first, the doctors diagnosed the injury as a ‘contusion’ and my busted lip (from hitting my face against the desk) had to be stitched back together and I thus started my recovery in a non-weight-bearing state with my left foot swollen and bruised in a flipflop sandal strap pattern and my lip swollen and stitched.

Four weeks passed and the worst of the acute swelling disappeared and my foot ‘unlocked’ itself from the dropped position it was stuck into after the injury and I was able to finally very carefully heel touch. However, I was still unable to toe touch, weight-bearing was extremely painful, I had lost sensation in parts of my foot, and my foot still swelled regularly if it wasn’t elevated and all of this continued into six weeks.

At the six week mark, though previous x-rays showed nothing too serious besides the swelling, the doctor ordered an MRI and sure enough…

Out popped an intra-articular (involving a joint) fracture of my cuboid and a deep bone bruise of my second metatarsal.

The result?

MORE non-weight-bearing which led to attending and exhibiting at APE 2013 on crutches and in a cam walker boot.

I’m nearing the two month mark now and my foot is in no different shape than it was in before and I am on my way to seeing a foot specialist.

Being that my care is dictated entirely by Workers’ Compensation, I really have no idea where this is ultimately headed, but I am definitely ready to be walking again and SOON and I hope that the appointment with the foot specialist will yield more definitive answers and timelines.

This has gone on for long enough and between being unable to do much activity including typing (which is the vast majority of my creative work) much less anything ambulatory, I am about ready to tear my hair out and throw my crutches away and just HOBBLE back to work and who cares about the damned pain when trying to weight-bear.

I have had to rely almost entirely on other people to help me out and where some people love to be babied, it really bothers me to 1) continually inconvenience others and 2) be unable to perform some very basic functions of daily life on my own.

Thanks to my partner, Ian and our table mate, I was able to finish up my half of the work needed for the convention and then attend, but if it weren’t for them, I would have cancelled my attendance either out of the sheer inconvenience of everything or simply out of necessity.

If I had to be frank, APE was torture this year; I am unaccustomed to relying on others to do most everything and yet that was exactly what had to happen and STILL, I was in constant pain and agony that pain medication short of narcotics couldn’t touch.

So… yeah, I’m more than ready to be on my feet again. Problem is, I’m not sure if my foot shares my same opinion.

Aith, out.

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